Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist Cat Canyon is 110% Energy and Passion.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Cat realized at an early age his need for performing and hamming it up in front of a live audience. He began his career in show business performing live theater. This led to him receiving several awards (one as Best Actor for his portrayal as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar) and working professionally in musical theaters including the Drury Lane Oakbrook in Illinois. He also appeared in television commercials such as the Chevy Heartbeat of America which led him to join SAG/AFTRA (unions for actors), and helped develop a children's play. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Eastern Michigan University. In the back of his mind, however, there was a constant memory of his father bringing home a drum kit and introducing him to music. “Fortunately,” according to his mother, “Cat's drum playing days were short lived.” But it was when he picked up his uncle's Les Paul guitar, learned a few chords, and wrote a song about his father's death that Cat felt a true connection to music. “I knew this was my path,” he smiled.

So Cat started compiling and recording cover and original material (“Catrageous! What you hear is PURE Cat Canyon,” said Geoff Michael at Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor) and ferociously set out to have his music heard. He started playing anywhere from family gatherings, the subways in Chicago, festivals, children's parties, assisted and independent senior facilities, restaurants and clubs. People were listening to his music and the response was incredible. They were impressed with his ability to get people involved with the show and by his diverse repertoire including originals and music from the 1900's to contemporary. Singing and playing folk, rock, roots rock, country, songbook, singer-songwriter, jazz, gospel and more left many in awe. On one spot for WGN radio two disc jockeys told Cat “I think your stuff is great, I mean it. I'm serious as a heart attack,” and the other responded, “and believe me he does mean it cause he's a tough nut to crack.”
Cat's authentic and heartfelt ability to perform for all ages as a solo artist or with his band is remarkable. Each show is individual and unique and combines music and laughter in a skillful, vibrant and sensitive way. Watch children's faces light up with delight when he performs his original compositions such as “Diggity Doggy” and “Broccoli, Carrots and Peas”. For seniors he has created the Dynamo Show which takes music therapy techniques to a new level with an interactive performance of traditional tunes that encourages the audience to move around, sing along and have fun. And in his all ages show Cat performs a variety of styles of music for listening or dancing.

“With all my years of experience I enjoy reaching audiences of all ages,” Cat beams. “Music is universal and bonding.” No matter what language you speak music enhances and touches your soul in an incredibly effectual way.”

There is an energy, excitement and confidence in the air when you are around Cat Canyon. His unparalleled and passionate performances will fill you with an infectious joy and enthusiasm. The ultimate feel good show for all ages!