Media Quotes

"Giving Up the Ghost [Cat Canyon CD] is a wonderful collection of songs written by Cat that range from the very upbeat and uplifting to some great ballads...and all done by him!  From the writing to the instrumentation, this man does it all and quite exceptional!  A man with many talents!  Along with music, Cat is a fantastic person and perfomer.  A person that I have been fortunate to meet and call a friend."   Dale Gaertner (WLEN 103.9)

"An amazing talent listening to Cat put his own twist on your favorite songs".
"When Cat sings someone else's song, it becomes his story ... it is an honor to hear him sing". 
"I freaking love Cat Canyon!  He's a Flippin' Rock Star". 
Harry, Sandy, Cindy

“A troubadour and great talent with lots of energy” “You deserve that and more”. Kelly Brown (WQKL 107.1)

“You were a highlight of my Top of the Park experience”  Linda Yohn (WEMU 89.1)

“The ambassador of awesome”.  Kyle Dewitt (Tecumseh Brewing Company)

“A real talent for writing songs that stick with you a long time.” “Passionate vocals. Pristine production. Fans Unite.”  The Illinois Entertainer

“I think your stuff is great. I mean it. I’m serious as a heart attack” . Wayne Larravee (WGN Radio)

"With incredibly robust musical talent and a natural skill for fun crowd work, Cat Canyon was born to entertain."  Joe Johns (WLEN 103.9)